What We Do

IM 1 Melissa reading wide
Artists in Conversation Event at Cerimon House

Interfaith Muse offers ways to explore spiritual questions through civic dialogue and creative arts. 

  • Artists in Conversation: our conversation and performance series. We connect Portlanders of all faith backgrounds with writers and artists whose work engages spiritual questions. Events are curated and hosted by Elizabeth Harlan-Ferlo.
  • Inward Digest: our monthly newsletter. This is the online hub for essays and interviews about art and artists that engage spiritual questions. You can access it anywhere, anytime! Sign up to receive it directly in your email.
  • Eavesdrop Podcasts: our in-depth interviews with some of the artists and writers featured at live events (currently on hiatus.) Visit the archives on the link above or listen right now on Soundcloud. 
  • Creative Arts Workshops: our hands-on experiences in interfaith action using visual, literary, and performing arts. We offer workshops for children and adults, for groups of 10-50 people. Check out our Workshops menu for upcoming events or email interfaithmuse [dot] gmail [dot] com to schedule one for your group.


You can also follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/interfaithmuse/


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